Multi-function Hydraulic Stretcher

Durable frame: Electrophoresis and power coating
Wholly molded cold steel and X-ray sleeping platform

Product Details

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General Introduction

YFTC-Y4A Multi-function Medical Use Luxurious Hospital Luxurious Hydraulic Medical Patient Stretcher is specially designed for the patients. This stretcher adopts international advanced central locking system. The castors are bigger than general castors, it has dustproof with 200mm diameter. This stretcher equipped collapsible aluminum alloy side rails, I.V. pole and drainage hooks. YFTC-Y4A is the best choice to as emergency bed or ICU bed in the emergency room and ICU.

Specification & Function


Luxious Patient Stretcher, Luxurious Medical Stretcher, Hydraulic Emergency Stretcher



Overall size

(L*W*H): 2120*800*610-930mm


Durable frame: Electrophoresis and power coating
Wholly molded cold steel and X-ray sleeping platform

Side rails: Tuck-away side rail, aluminum alloy , 2 pieces
Central locking system with 200mm diameter dustproof castor

Weight Load

Fully tested sturdy construction capable of taking a maximum user weight of up to 180kg


Backrest max upward angle: 0-80°

Footrest max upward angle:0-35°
Height is adjustable: 610-930mm
With US acutant hydraulic pump and storage bin for oxygen tank

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Standard Accessories List of Multi-function Hydraulic Stretcher:


0 pieces

Side Rails

2 pieces


4 pieces

Foldable and concealed manual crank

1 pieces

Drainage Hook

2 pieces


1 set

Bed frame

1 set

Overbed table

0 piece

I.V. pole

1 piece

Products features of Hydraulic Patient Stretcher :

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Multi-function Hydraulic Stretcher(001).png

Choose our products , you can enjoy:

1. Take care patient's body and recover.

2. Help nurses look after children better.

3. Build the first step with patient's  healthy life.

4. Won't take too much room no matter in the ward or even at home.

Quality Control:

1. Before the order can be confirmed finally, we would strictly check the material, color, dimension of the sample step by step.

2. Our salesman, also as a order follower, would trace every phase of production from the beginning.

3. We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.

4. We can give you some accessories when delivery the goods the customers.

5. We would try our best to help clients solve  problems.

Assembly workshop:

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