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Our Multifunctional Electric Care Bed Is Designed To Follow The Principles

Aug 23, 2017

Our multifunctional electric care bed is designed to follow the principles

1, the principle of safety care bed for the elderly and the patient's body for direct contact and operation, and relative to healthy people, the body of this group of people more vulnerable to injury, so the care bed in the security requirements high. Whether it is the structure of the care bed or the design of the control system, safety is always one of the highest priorities. For example, in the structural design, there should be no interference, the structure of the stiffness and strength should be left with sufficient margin, to take into account the various limits.

2, human nature, comfort principle of human nature, comfort design is an extension of the design of the available, care bed should be based on the principles of human physiology, more from the human physiological structure, psychological situation, behavior and other aspects to be considered. Such as the structure of each part to match with the size of the human body; designed to minimize the acceleration and so on.

  3, functional diversification principles Nursing process, different users are often right

Nursing beds have a wide variety of different requirements, in addition to the basic position requirements, there are such as eating, washing, defecation and more.

4, the principle of standardization Nursing bed mechanical parts design and selection, control system design, the relative position between the components and size matching, have the relevant industry standards. Reference to standard design, not only in the maximum procedures to meet the requirements, but also help to enhance interoperability, reduce costs.

5, the principle of light weight from the reduction of energy consumption and reduce the inertia of the point of view, the nursing bed should ensure the function and safety of the case to follow the principle of lightweight. This not only saves the material, reduces the cost and reduces the inertia of the movement, which is very beneficial to the stop of a certain part, so that the transportation bed use cost is greatly reduced.

Multifunctional care bed is also known as electric care bed, because of the use of convenience by many elderly friends and young children of the favor, greatly reducing the burden on nurses. With the increasing number of elderly people in China, the demand for multifunctional nursing beds and home care beds will continue to increase.