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Nursing Work Vehicle Material Use Introduction

May 02, 2017

First of all, we from the use of points, the basic can be divided into three categories, the first class is specialized in medical equipment, where the most important is the kind of surgery, mainly to place the surgical instruments, including some related Instruments and so on.

There are also round robin, as well as nurses daily care patients with nursing vehicles also have equipment vehicles. The second category should be dedicated to the use of nurses care vehicles, including the use of storage cases, as well as treatment vehicles, as well as drug vehicles and so on. There is also a class of cleaning vehicles, especially those who clean up and rinse the patient's wounds are also a class of care workers.

Finished use, we look at the material, material, the current market care can be divided into three categories, one is completely stainless steel, the material used for the instrument car. The other is a mixed material, which is used for nurses with drug delivery vehicles, treatment vehicles and infusion cars.

The last category is more special, from the material point of view or belong to the stainless steel category, but after a special processing, is the demagnetization device car, this car is mostly used in the operating room, because the magnetic force will be related to the use of equipment and interference , So the need for buyers in the procurement of attention to this point in strict accordance with the requirements of the purchase.