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Medical Equipment Industry Into The Whole Network Sales Also Need To Take Long

May 02, 2017

For traditional enterprises, from a few years ago began to advocate into the Internet + industry. Even the medical bed industry began to enter the field.

However, whether it is other traditional industries, or medical products industry, really able to fully carry out the Internet + not much. In short is advocated by advocacy, the real implementation is completely different concept. But since the country to promote the Internet + this concept, naturally have his benefits. Take the medical equipment industry.

At present for many reasons, whether it is production or sales side, or buyers. They are still not used to the relevant issues on the Internet also operate. We have to manually hospital bed manufacturers to example, and now the domestic manual bed manufacturers are very much, but really able to start on the Internet to promote the manufacturers are not many. There are several reasons for this.

First, the manufacturers can not keep up with consciousness, this is the main reason, after all, the concept of online promotion and publicity in this area is not universal. The reason for this is the second reason to say the following.

Second, the online market is not, that is the current online platform market demand has not yet formed, as manufacturers, to online promotion and promotion can not play a big role, so manufacturers do not attach importance to this aspect.

Third, the terminal buyers do not attach importance to, as a manual bed manufacturers, their final consumer is the hospital, but the hospital in the procurement and there is no habit of buying online. Which is leading to whether the manufacturers Ye Hao, or agents have ignored the main reason for this Internet +.

But as the relevant departments of the country has seen the Internet + this strategic significance for the development of the industry will play a huge role. So now the state and local departments are promoting the development of this area. According to the latest news reports, some areas of medical supplies have begun to fully implement the online procurement system, completely refused to line transactions.

Because it can be a greater degree of its transparency, fair, to avoid the occurrence of black-box operation and other issues. I believe in the near future, the medical device industry will be fully open online platform procurement.