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Medical Bed Structure In Detail

May 02, 2017

Medical bed structure problems, said complex and complex, that simple and simple. why would you say so. This is because the medical bed of a wide range of functions, and each type of bed function is not the same as its structure is naturally different.

From the simplest to say, is a bed, the following is a shoe rack. And the function of some more hand medical bed is not the case.

In addition to the bed surface, under the bed to install the conduction function of the spine, and support the bed lift part.

The control of the bed part of the general rise and fall in the bed part, according to the number of functions divided into single shake, double shake, three shake and other functions. Both sides of the bed are fitted with lifting rails.

In addition to the joystick, support rod, and the shaking handle, the bedside tail part can be quickly removed. This is to facilitate the doctor in emergency situations to rescue the patient.

The structure is more complex in addition to four shake, there is orthopedic medical bed. Orthopedic beds under normal circumstances have gantry skeleton, is to orthopedic disease patients hands and feet according to the requirements of the doctor with a fixed. In addition to the gantry skeleton is also equipped with harnesses, and rally.

Orthopedic beds are generally able to shake their legs. Now there have been electric orthopedic beds on the market. The structure is much more complicated.

In addition to hand, the electric medical bed is also divided into several grades, such as two functions, three functions, and so on can reach five functions. Basically these beds are composed of motor, sensor, and remote control and other components. The basic principle and hand are almost the same, but he is driven by electricity.

But here to declare that the basic structure of ICU beds is not included in this presentation. Because ICU bed function and structure is very complex, not a few words can be clear.