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ICU Beds Require What

May 02, 2017

To explain this point first we have to look at the basic requirements of ordinary electric medical bed products is what it is As a hospital, to purchase a medical bed manufacturers of products first of all to the manufacturers have a preliminary understanding, that is, manufacturers have a basic qualification, as well as production conditions and production scale.

The other is for the electric medical bed product quality and price for further study, contrast. Basically, 70 percent of the current electric medical bed manufacturers have the above conditions, that is to say their products are qualified, at least in the general ward is no problem.

As an ICU bed, his request is higher than the basic requirements of the above, that is to say in the above requirements at the same time, but also a separate product of the situation to further study.

Here we only say a few points, first of all the ICU bed surface coating problem, as ICU bed, his surface electrostatic powder coating needs to be very firmly attached to the surface, which requires electric bed bed and Bed in the initial processing time to do a good job, the welding point to be smooth and smooth without nodes.

In addition to the rust relief to be more stringent requirements, because any residual rust will quickly corrode the medical bed surface electrostatic powder coating, so as to shorten the life of the ICU bed, more importantly, the internal corrosion will increase ICU beds Of their own received pollution, which with the ICU ward environment requirements run counter to.

In addition to the electrostatic powder coating requirements, for the electric medical bed for the size of the motor noise is also a strict standard, so Guangzhou Hao Kang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. in the production of electric medical bed when the direct selection of imported medical special motor, This is not only in the noise can reach the standard, while stability is also very guaranteed.

In fact, the standard requirements of ICU beds is based on the requirements of ordinary electric medical bed standards and then strictly produced by a few grades, but really able to achieve this level of manufacturers compared to other common requirements of the manufacturers is not too much.