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Group To Participate In The US Medical Technology Conference Notice

Aug 04, 2017

Group to participate in the US Medical Technology Conference notice

Organized by the American Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), the annual American Medical Technology Conference (The MedTech Conference) has become the global medical technology industry elite annual event. This session is scheduled for September 25-17, 2017 in San Jose, California, McKinley Conference Center. Will bring together more than 1,000 medical equipment from 26 countries around the world Leadership management, regulators, venture capital, bankers and the media, to participate in dozens of industry hot topics discussion, investment exchange, keynote speech and social activities The Scott Gottlieb, the new FDA director, will also be present and will be the subject of the report.

In order to promote domestic enterprises to understand, master the international advanced medical technology development. The association will be in-depth cooperation with the organizers, in addition to members of the Association members participating, exhibitors can enjoy special preferential policies, the two sides will jointly hold the Sino-US medical innovation forum. And organize domestic enterprises to visit the R & D institutions in San Francisco to experience medical technology innovation.