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Bed Price

May 02, 2017

The price of the bed is mainly determined by these aspects

First, the price of raw materials, we give examples of ABS beds, starting from the ordinary flat bed, this bed without any additional features, only one bedside tail plate can be disassembled as a temporary use of doctors and nurses.

This bed of the current market price difference can reach a few hundred dollars. Because the price of raw materials prices are not the same, with the ABS, made of ABS and imported ABS price difference between the poor. And the quality of raw materials will ultimately affect the quality of the product and the service life.

Second production process. Now the same function on the market price of the bed there is a big gap, many people will say that it is the manufacturers to their own prices, in fact, so much technology and materials, why so expensive. Here we come to the details of the same function under the circumstances where the product price difference in the end. Above we said the raw material factors here will not repeat them, as long as we clear the quality of domestic ABS and imported ABS is not the same as the quality and safety.

We focus on the production process. The current domestic hospital manufacturers have more than 70 percent of the production model and the scale are still stuck in the workshop-style production mode, whether it is production process, or production equipment, did not meet the national requirements of the production standards.

To meet the national requirements of the production standards is the need to use mechanized standard production and processing, the entire production process requires more than a dozen different large-scale mechanical collaboration to produce a meet national standards and even international standards.

Including large bending machines, laser cutting machines, sprayers and robot welding equipment. The products produced from these devices are absolutely guaranteed in terms of quality.