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Bed Life Is Generally How Many Years

May 02, 2017

The length of the life of the bed there are many factors will affect, but the current market is more common that the life of the manual medical bed is ten years.

But according to most of the hospital response, very few products can really reach this age. According to the hospital equipment section said that under normal circumstances, whether it is manual beds, or electric medical beds, the basic years are about three or four years.

So what led to the life of the bed can not reach the manufacturer's commitment to the years? Here we ask the top three hospital equipment department director for what time.

First of all, lead to bed life can not reach the manufacturer's commitment to the number of years, there is a large extent manufacturers deliberately exaggerated.

Followed by the production of the product itself is not up to standard, resulting in a lot of places can not repair the problem, such as solder joints appear welding, this situation is basically impossible to do on-site maintenance. In this case only the product can be replaced.

Finally, and most importantly, as a hospital to choose what grade and what price of the product is also critical. There is a stop for a penny goods, medical bed products are no exception. In addition to the choice of product quality and price, but also depends on the manufacturer's situation, although the medical device industry is the most stringent state control, but there are still a lot of cohabitation manufacturers, as a hospital in the procurement of products must be field inspection , Can not just look at the so-called certificate or document.

 Field inspection is mainly to see two aspects, one is that they have the production equipment, after all, qualified products are good equipment to produce the quality of the product clearance. another

Another aspect is to see their list of raw materials procurement, after all, in order to product good, good raw material products is one of the key. In addition, and more manufacturers to contact, you can more close to understand the manufacturers, so as to purchase the best products