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Analysis Of Bedding Production Technology

May 02, 2017

Bed frame production process: the use of high-quality steel fully mechanized pipeline welding, welding surface smooth and smooth, the use of automotive spraying technology for its surface electrostatic spray to ensure that the spray surface smooth, strong adhesion is not easy to fall off, nice

Bed board production process: the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet one-time stamping, bed exhaust hole arrangement can effectively improve the chance of slowing the patient had bed sores, the use of automotive spray coating technology to surface electrostatic spraying to ensure strong adhesion.

Bed, bed tail plate production process: the choice of imported 100% ABS plastic plastic molding a plastic molding, built-in special materials to ensure that products strong and durable, beautiful appearance, with soft colors. Manual locking, can be easily removed, the four corners with anti-collision device to provide maximum security.

Casters supporting: the choice of imported medical mute universal casters, equipped with a four-leg device flexible movement at the same time to better stability of the location to facilitate the whole bed to move.