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What Is The Price Of The Bedside Locker?

Sep 07, 2018

Medical Bedside Locker and other household Locker are in principle very different.First of all, the composition of the materials, household Locker are generally made of wood, the Medical Bedside Locker are relatively expensive.The Medical Bedside Locker is usually made of plastic and iron, and the price is cheap.

Secondly, the design of the shape, the household Locker has been carefully designed with many different shapes to supply different needs of the family users, while the Medical Bedside Locker is practical, simple and convenient, which is also the reason for the low price.

Finally, considering that the population of the hospital is very fluid, the bedside cabinets are generally locked, while the household Locker are mostly without locks, which are convenient for storing and storing items.

Medical bedside Locker are divided into materials, mainly ABS bedside Locker, stainless steel bedside Locker and cold-rolled steel Locker Generally, stainless steel bedside Locker are generally more expensive than ABS engineering plastics and cold-rolled steel.

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