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What function does the multifunctional nursing bed have?

Jun 29, 2018
  1. The multi-function nursing bed has a removable multi-function table, which can be put under the bed after use

  2. The multifunctional nursing bed is also equipped with a waterproof mattress, liquid will not easily penetrate the surface of the bed, and it is very easy to wipe it; with stainless steel double infusion stand, the patient can also drip at home, more convenient for the family Caring for the patient.

  3. The multi-function nursing bed has a detachable headboard and a bed tail, so that the nursing staff can conveniently wash the patient's head, feet, massage and other daily care, and also has a wired remote control device, so that the patient can adjust the posture of the north and the feet by himself. Without nursing staff can do it.

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