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What are the types of multifunctional electric care beds?

Sep 14, 2017

Multi-Function care bed based on the patient's existing condition can be divided into electric bed, manual bed and general care beds three categories.



1, multi-function electric care bed

Multi-function Electric care bed can be divided into five multi-function electric care bed, four function electric care bed,Three function electric care bed, two functiona electric care bed. The main features of this electric care bed also lies in the motor, process design and luxury configuration equipment, such as European fence, aluminum fence, remote control operation, full brake caster, etc., this multi-functiona care bed is generally applicable to severe departments Serious patient care equipment.

2,multi-function hand crank bed

multi-function hand crank bed according to the number of rocker, generally can be divided into

Luxury multi-function three shake care bed, two shake three fold bed and single shaker. The main features of this multi-functional care bed is the rocker device and can be equipped with different accessories, such as with a bowl, reasonable process design and material of the different options, generally applicable to the hospital inpatient department.

3, general care beds general care beds that are straight bed / board bed, as the case may be, can contain simple hand bed and the like beds, generally applicable to the hospitals and clinics.