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What are the parts of the medical bed that are prone to wear problems?

Nov 05, 2018

First of all, the first problem that is prone to problems lies in the functional parts of medical beds, such as the back position of medical beds. Why are these parts?

The main reason is that these parts are used frequently, such as when the user needs to carry the back, it is necessary to use the friction during the lifting process, so it is more prone to problems in these parts. However, there is no way to avoid this part. The main choice for medical beds is to choose this function.It is ok to do daily protection. Generally speaking, it is best to check this part from time to time.

The last point that is prone to problems is the small screws on the medical bed of the medical bed. These parts are generally not easily damaged, but they are more prone to looseness, so it is best to use tools in the home for frequent maintenance during use.

If a general medical bed is equipped with casters, it will be equipped with anti-collision strips and anti-collision wheels. These do not mean that the four-legged brake electric bed is not afraid of strong impact. We must prevent strong in the process of using medical beds. Impact and extrusion.We must pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the medical bed during use. We can also set the inspection cycle according to the life cycle of the medical bed, if it is checked once a month.

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