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What Are The Main Points Of Homecare Bed Design?

Aug 31, 2018

With the continuous development of the society, the use of medical bed therapy is more and more extensive, which is convenient for patients and nursing staff. The nursing bed is also divided into various types of nursing beds such as hospital Homecare Bed, medical multifunctional beds and medical examination beds. So, what are the main points of designing a nursing bed? Let me introduce it to you.

The overall plan for the Homecare Bed is: a reasonable combination of the bed and the micro-toilet. The bed body is fundamentally modified in the existing medical bed. The tension reform is to open a hole in the middle part of the bed in the buttocks of the patient, and a cover plate for covering the hole is arranged on the hole.

One side of the Homecare Bed is provided with a movable connecting plate for the convenience of the patient to arrange the articles; a quiet and reliable, mobile and maneuverable roller is arranged under the leg of the bed to facilitate the examination of various needs in the treatment.

The medical bed protects the patient from dirt and connects the breathability of the patient's buttocks. The cover has a downward one-way air hole, and when the drawer is pulled out, the upper part of the toilet is surrounded by a film for easy handling.