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What Are The Main Functions Of The Orthopedics Bed?

Dec 06, 2018
  1.  Relaxing the whole body muscles and eliminating fatigue The human body is under tension due to external pressure. For a long time, the shoulders and the whole body will be tightened and lose their elasticity, resulting in tightness of the whole body. The use of medical health care can relax the muscles, eliminate stress and feel relaxed. The fatigue disappears, the spirit is enhanced, and the vitality is reproduced.

  2. The shoulder and neck elastic health care is equipped with a high elastic strap design and a back neck sliding pillow, which can pull the shoulder and cervical muscles and ligaments to enlarge the intervertebral foramen, so that the deformed intervertebral disc can be restored and reduced, and the neck pressure can be relieved. Reduce the acidity of the shoulder and neck.

  3. It can make you slender legs, beautify the lines and safe and effective physical traction, help the leg muscles grow, so that you can expect to get slender leg lines in the short term, stretch the waist muscle fibers to achieve the body shaping effect invisibly, have beautiful Touching curves.

  4. Can help you correct your posture, handsome and stand up with the increase of age and the influence of external gravity, will make the spine deformed, such as hunchback, snoring, etc., often use the growth fitness equipment, can effectively correct the vertebrae, so that your body can restore the past style, It also has a good effect on O-leg correction.

  5. It can stretch and encourage you to break through the height and directly stretch the traction, eliminate the adverse effects of gravity on the human body, increase the space of the joints, relax the muscles, promote blood circulation, and provide a good development space for the growth plate.

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