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What Are The Common Stainless Steel Trolleys In Hospitals?

Nov 17, 2018
  1. The stainless steel stretcher that pushes a patient from an ambulance to an operating room or from a hospital bed to stretcher in the operating room.

  2. Stainless steel treatment trolley, each layer is welded with a support tube underneath, with guardrails. The top floor is equipped with drawers, with silent slide rails, easy to pull and pull, can store disposable infusion sets, cotton swabs, gauze, etc., the bottom is covered with plastic dirt bucket, convenient and practical

  3. The stainless steel  anesthesia trolley is beautiful in appearance, flat, straight, parallel to the four corners, and has no obvious defects such as sharp edges and burrs on the surface. The welded parts are polished smooth and evenly polished. Ultra-quiet medical casters

  4. Stainless steel infusion trplley  is made of high quality stainless steel pipe. It is durable, easy to clean, no embroidery, high wear resistance, anti-foot brake and advanced silent wheel.

  5. Stainless steel linen trolley full welding and welding combined with a new welding process, with 304 special welding wire, so that the square product can not be welded, the welding surface is uniform, beautiful and solid pipe butt joints, semi-arc stamping technology, close mouth, no burr . Pusher parts, integrated elbow forming, non-destructive strength design. Stainless steel linen trucks: hospital supply room, ward, operating room, laundry room.

  6. The stainless steel medical clip trolley adopts a semi-arc impact double T-slot aluminum alloy profile, which has a large carrying capacity. The stainless steel clip trolley is used to connect the table top to achieve stable and non-deformation of the whole vehicle. High strength, wear-resisting and anti-corrosion, beautiful and exquisite appearance; side panel back panel adopts unique honeycomb bionic aluminum profile design, the clip trolley body is lighter, the color is light and beautiful, the medical clip trolley has anti-collision measures, and the clip trolley body is safely protected and Beautiful.

  7. Stainless steel medical trolley  is divided into multi-layer drawers, high-quality cold-rolled steel plate stamping surface, surface rust removal, electrostatic spraying, anti-aging, no rust, easy to clean and easy to disassemble the upper layer with stainless steel guardrail to prevent equipment and drugs from slipping With a kit, the instruments can be placed on different levels. The workbench is equipped with the implicit that the auxiliary platen can be freely pulled to increase the work surface area. The four-wheeled luxury all-wheel brake casters have strong stability, flexible movement and no noise.

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