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What are the classifications of nursing beds?

Oct 09, 2018

Nursing beds are subdivided into electric turning beds, electric hand-cranked beds, etc., but the system still divides them into two categories: home care beds and medical care beds.

According to the different functions, the nursing bed can be divided into electric nursing bed, manual nursing bed, multi-functional nursing bed, etc. According to the different places of use, the nursing bed is divided into household nursing bed and medical nursing bed.

The difference in function between home care bed and medical care bed,The medical care bed is a care bed product used in hospitals and other places. The consistency of structure and function is very high, and the personalization requirements of the care bed are relatively small.

Home care beds are mostly provided for individual customers, and different home users have different requirements for home care beds.

The difference in operation between home care bed and medical care bed,Nurses, caregivers, and other professionals in many hospitals using medical care beds are familiar with the function and operation of the nursing bed and can adapt to the complex nursing bed use requirements.