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What Are The Characteristics Of The Medical Accompanying Chair?

Nov 14, 2018

The bed frame is equipped with a hook, and the movable bed foot is movably connected to the shaft plate and the bed frame. The bed frame is provided with a movable hook and a movable presser foot, and one end of the stay is fixed to the adjustable movable foot. The other end of the warp beam is movably connected to the shaft plate and the bed frame, and the hook hole seat and the fixed adjusting seat are respectively mounted on the adjustable movable foot, and the adjusting foot is fixed by the fixing screw through the fixed adjusting seat.

The chair body can be opened as needed, which is convenient for accompanying and retracting, and can be used as a seat. The seat frame is made of 2.0mm thick carbon steel pipe, with strict structure, safety and reliability; elegant curved handrail, ergonomic design. Comfortable and beautiful, flexible and space saving.


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