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What are the characteristics of medical children's beds?

Oct 08, 2018

Medical children's beds are specially made for children, and the size of the beds is strictly in accordance with national standards.

  1. Digital display on the back, the back panel angle is displayed in real time during the lifting process of the back of the bed, giving the medical staff the most intuitive back angle data and precise setting of the special medical angle;

  2. Electric central control casters, the bed has the function of electric central control casters. The nurse can lock and unlock the bed with one button. Compared with the traditional mechanical stepping unlocking method, the electric unlocking operation is simpler and more convenient, and the service life of the casters is greatly extended.

  3. One-button position, the bed has multiple one-button positions, including one-button CPR position, one-button FLOWER position, one-button heart chair position, one-button MAX position, various postures to meet different medical needs, and can reduce the workload of medical staff ;

  4. The size of the medical child bed is specially customized for the child's body shape. It is suitable for children under the age of 12 to lie down. The bed style is fresh and lovely, which can effectively alleviate the children's nervousness and is loved by children

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