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Up and down stretcher

May 02, 2017

① the three sides of the wearer side by side kneeling on the side of the wounded body, respectively, the arm into the back of the wound, abdominal hips, lower limbs below, and then stand up, always keep the wounded body level, Body twisted. Three at the same time move, and at the same time the wounded on the hard stretcher. Occurrence or suspicion of cervical injury should be another person responsible for traction, fixed head and neck, not to head and neck injury head injury, left and right swing or rotation. Four action must be consistent, while Pinto injured, and then on the hard stretcher. Standing, walking, put down the handling process, by a medical staff command orders, unified action.

② the operator can also be single legs crisp on both sides of the wounded, one side is responsible for Pingtao wounded waist and hip, the other side of the two were responsible for the shoulder and lower limbs, still make the wounded body to maintain a horizontal position, Body twisted.