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Types of rescue China Hospital Stretcher

Aug 06, 2018
  1. Shovel stretcher

    The shovel stretcher minimizes secondary damage to the patient's spine during handling. It is mainly suitable for the use of seriously injured people. If seriously injured, it can reduce the probability of accidents.

  2. Wounded fixed plate

    Injured fixation plates are mainly used for fractures and wounds. For example, spinal plates can be used for fixation and treatment of spinal wounds. ALLIED plates can be used for spinal and head injuries. Splints can also be used to treat fractures and wounds in other areas.

  3. Basket rescue stretcher

    The structure of the basket stretcher focuses on the breadth of first aid, flexibility and particularity, such as air or sea rescue. The rugged, easy-to-use frame allows the operator to take first-aid measures safely and quickly. The hook can be connected to the hook on the aircraft to achieve field rescue.

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