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The stretcher uses the posture

May 02, 2017

1. supine position

For all seriously injured, can use this position. It can avoid the excessive bending of the neck and spine to prevent the occurrence of dislocation of the vertebral body; abdominal injury caused by the wound injury, when the wounded shouting breath, the bowel will be prolapsed, so that the wound to take the lower position of the lower limbs, Come out.

2. lateral position

In the exclusion of neck injury, the conscious of the injured, can be used in the lateral position. To prevent the wounded in the vomiting, the food inhalation trachea. When the wounded side is lying on the pillow in the neck, keep the neutral position.


For only the chest injury of the wounded, often due to pain, blood pneumothorax and severe breathing difficulties. In addition to the merger of thoracic, lumbar injury and shock, you can use this position, in order to facilitate the wounded breathing.

4. prone position

On the chest wall extensive damage, abnormal breathing and severe hypoxia of the wounded, you can use prone position. To oppress, to suppress abnormal breathing.

5. seat

Suitable for pleural effusion, heart failure patients.