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The Importance Of China Electric Homecare Bed Factory To Hospitals

Sep 18, 2018

The Importance Of China Electric Homecare Bed Factory To Hospitals

Assist the patient to change the body position and move the Homecare Bed, so that the patient can freely lay down, half-sleep, side, leg, sit-up, turn over, etc.The patient can fully rest and care, prevent the patient from getting skin diseases such as hemorrhoids, change easily, and also move the Homecare Bed to change the living environment of the patient.Among them, the electric Homecare Bed can realize different body position changes through the controller, which reduces the physical burden of nursing.

In addition, in order to solve the special needs of special patients, some medical care beds are also equipped with special devices: toilets, foot washing devices, living tables, infusion hangers, etc.

The special device is matched with the main bed to meet the special needs of special patients: the toilet device allows the patient to urinate or clean the lower part.

The foot washing device allows the caregiver to clean the patient's foot without moving the patient; the living table makes the patient's daily diet more convenient; the infusion hanger provides convenience for the patient to be in need of infusion, and can ensure that the nursing bed does not move. Intermittent infusion.