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Special advantages of the medical bed structure

Jul 06, 2018

The products of the medical bed production factory are mainly engaged in the production and sales of various medical beds such as electric medical beds, medical bed chairs and medical examination beds. The medical bed designed by the company is exquisite in structure, safe and practical, and has many advantages.

The electric medical bed is made of high-quality steel welded, simple and elegant in shape, neat and beautiful. The structure of the medical bed structure in the design of the entire medical bed is the manual up, manual down leg, bed toilet, bed shampoo, bed wash foot design.

The manual lower leg function can help the bedridden patient to move freely in the medical bed. For the elderly who have a long bed, it is best to have a physical activity. The manual medical bed and the electric medical bed are up and down. In order to realize the patient's desire, the function of the medical bed can improve the quality of life of the patient, reduce the suffering of the bedridden patient, and reduce the labor intensity of the accompanying staff. The multifunctional medical bed is inconvenient to get up, and the patient who has difficulty in going to the toilet is equipped. The bed seat function.

The medical bed comes standard with an embedded plastic shampoo for patient washing on a medical bed that provides quick and convenient service for patients.

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