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Selection And Maintenance Of Electric Medical Bed Rocker

Sep 26, 2018

The rocker is one of the essential components of an electric medical bed.Therefore, the selection and maintenance of the joystick is very important. Only the correct selection and maintenance can ensure that the rocker can fully exert its working ability, so that it can meet the needs of our work.

When we shake the rocker on the medical bed, we can realize the function of turning or lifting the back or a certain part of the bed.Continuous shaking can cause the operating parts to be folded or raised to the extreme position of the part design. If you purchase a nursing bed with an extreme protection rocker, continue to rock the joystick and the operating parts will stay at the design limit. Will not work again,If the rocker without limit protection reaches the limit position, if the force is continued on the rocker, the screw breaks or the deformation of the operating parts may be damaged.It is not uncommon to see this situation in actual use because of blind force or unclear use, and may even bring a second degree of injury to patients or elderly people in bed.The use of the limit protection rocker can avoid this problem; so we must ask the rocker configuration when purchasing a medical bed.

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