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Product Classification Of Medical Manual Bed Factory

Aug 28, 2018

The Medical Manual Bed is an abbreviation, which is more common in hospitals and community clinics. All Medical Manual Bed Factory are produced according to national standards, but because of its relatively simple structure, Medical Manual Bed Factory' medical multifunctional beds and medical operating beds can meet the requirements.

The structure of the  Medical Manual Bed Factory is the same, and they are very simple: the bed head, the bed surface, the bed legs, and the matching bed are: casters, screws, guardrails, dining tables, mattresses, infusion stand.

ABS, stainless steel, and spray are all classified according to materials. Advanced nursing beds are also available in these materials.

According to the division with or without the lead screw: single shake, double shake, three shake, flat bed.

Press to move the wheeled and non-wheeled, the pulley is the medical moving bed.

According to the brand and grade, there are two types of functions: versatility and general.

After the product classification of the Medical Manual Bed Factory, there will be a certain understanding of the medical bed. Medical bedding is helpful for the rehabilitation of patients, let us cheer for the health of patients.