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Pay attention when using a medical bed

Jul 02, 2018
  1. Before using the electric medical bed, first check that the medical bed is plugged firmly. The controller cable is reliable.

  2. The performance of the medical bed's controller wire The power cord and power cord of the transmitter must not be higher than the lifting link and between the upper and lower bed frames, so as to prevent the wire from being cut off and thus causing personal equipment accidents.

  3. We must not carry out the patient when the backboard is raised and the patient is lying on the panel.

  4. We electric medical-bed people can't jump on the bed

  5. After the universal wheel is braked, it is not allowed to move or move. It can only be moved after releasing the brake.

  6. It is not allowed to be implemented horizontally to avoid damage to the guardrail.

  7. The uneven road surface cannot be implemented to prevent damage to the multifunctional electric medical bed caster.

  8. When using the controller, the buttons on the control panel can only be operated one by one, which is not allowed to operate the electric medical bed by pressing two or more buttons at the same time, avoiding the danger of the medical bed being dangerous. Patient safety.

  9. When we move the medical bed, we must remove the power plug and wire the power controller before it can be pushed.

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