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Medical bed precautions

May 14, 2018

A good medical bed can be thought of as providing care for the elderly or patients. What are the precautions for medical bed use?

    1. After the universal wheel is braked, it is forbidden to advance and move, and it can be moved as long as the brake is released.

    2. The uneven road surface cannot be promoted to prevent damage to the multifunctional electric medical bed universal wheel.

    3. When the multifunctional electric medical bed needs to be moved, the guardrail should be lifted to prevent the patient from falling while moving. When the electric bed moves, it is necessary for two people to operate together to avoid the loss of control in the direction of the promotion process, resulting in structural damage and jeopardizing the health of the patient.

    4. The linear actuator wire and power cord of the controller must not be placed between the lifting link and the upper and lower bed frames to prevent the wires from being cut off and form personal equipment accidents.

    5. When the multifunctional electric medical bed needs to be moved, it is necessary to remove the power plug, and after the power controller is coiled, it must be pushed forward.

    6, the use of controller, the control panel button, only one by one button end action. It is forbidden to press two or more buttons to operate the multifunctional electric medical bed, so as to avoid malfunctions and endanger the safety of the patient.

    7, people can not stand on the bed beating, when the backplane rises, people sit on the backboard and stand on the bed panel, ban promotion.

    8. Before using the multifunctional electric medical bed, you should first check whether the power cord is solid and plugged. Whether the controller cable is secure.

    9. After the backboard is raised, the patient is lying on the panel and bans promotion.

    10. Ban horizontal promotion and avoid damage to the guardrail.