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Manual bed use taboo

May 14, 2018

The hospital bed is one of the indispensable medical and mechanical products in the hospital, and it is also a special kind of medical device. The reason why he said that he is special is that most practitioners or operators are mostly medical personnel. The use of bed products is based on the majority of patients, so as the medical staff to do is to first understand the bed of the use of taboos, and then tell the patient at the time of use of the patient, to prevent patients from accidents due to improper operation. So today Xiao Bian came to us for the use of taboos in the Manual bed.

First of all, as a hand-cranked bed, the most taboo is the kind of excessive shaking or shaking, that is, the bed board has now risen to the highest and continues to shake, this kind of situation is very simple to the manual bed rocker formation Irreversible harm. In this situation, it is generally required by the relevant personnel of the manufacturer to replace them, because these local hazards cannot be repaired.

Followed by the rise and fall of the guardrail, the whole hand-bed, the bed guardrail is regarded as a relatively weak accessory, the primary cause of his first hazard is not to use the correct lifting operation, or in the process of lifting is also loaded with some items, these operations are May form a certain hazard to the guardrail.

The last thing to notice is that in the lifting process, no matter whether it is the surface of the bed or the guardrail, there should be no foreign matter. Otherwise, it will be very simple to form a lift and it will not be able to finish, or it will be a long time for the bed body and parts to be formed. Modified damage