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Introduction Of Dialysis Chair

Oct 13, 2018

Product use: It is suitable for collecting blood from the whole blood, providing blood donors with safe, comfortable and warm blood donation lounge chair. It can also be used as the ideal medical chair equipment for blood collection and dialysis function chairs of various medical units.

Electric Dialysis Chair structure: three-section (back plate, seat plate, leg plate) integrated electric Dialysis Chair, simple humanized design;

Drive part: electric control mode (electric push rod) drives back lift and leg lift, electric control operation adjusts post support and foot rest position

Seat surface: Made of leather or super-fiber material, it is made by hand craftsmanship, comfortable, warm and elegant.

The left and right handrails are based on ergonomic principles. The height and inclination angle are in line with the natural stretch of the arm, avoiding the blood donor's arm sliding, providing a safe and comfortable blood donation environment for blood donors;

Electric Dialysis Chair material: the chair frame is made of high-quality steel, the surface is made of special process, electrostatic coating, high temperature 250 degree baking treatment and layered lacquer; the back, side plate and armrest cover are molded by ABS engineering plastic, which can last for a long time. It is beautiful, elegant, comfortable and clean.

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