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How To Use Electric Operating Table?

Dec 04, 2018
  1. The electric operating table is a permanent installation equipment. The power input line must be inserted into the medical institution to prepare the three sockets with the grounding wire in advance, so that the grounding and shelling can be fully grounded, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of leakage current exceeding the standard electric shock;Moreover, it can effectively avoid the accumulation friction and sparking of static electricity, and cause the explosion in the environment where there is an anesthetic gas in the operating room, and also avoid the potential electromagnetic interference or accidents between the devices.

  2. The operation of the electric operating table should be carried out by the medical personnel trained by the manufacturer. After adjusting the lifting and turning of the electric operating table, the handheld operator must be placed in a place that medical personnel should not touch to avoid misoperation and cause the electric operating table. Move or fold, causing the patient to accidentally hurt again and the condition worsens.

  3. In use, if the network power supply is out of power, then the emergency battery power supply can be used.

  4. The main power source of the electric operating table, the electric push rod and the pneumatic spring are all enclosed in hidden parts. During the maintenance inspection, please do not disassemble the internal parts at will, so as not to affect the normal use.

  5. Replacement of the fuser: Please contact the manufacturer, do not use a fuse that is too large or too small.

  6. Cleaning and disinfection: every operation is completed, the operating table mats are cleaned and disinfected

  7. After each operation, the electric operating table should be placed in a horizontal position (especially after the leg plate is raised) and then lowered to the lowest position. The power plug is unplugged, so that the live wire is cut off and disconnected from the net power.

  8. Please read the instructions carefully before using this product.