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How To Buy The China Electric ICU Bed Correctly?

Jan 07, 2019

Because the ICU wards are faced with special critically ill patients, many of the first-time patients are even in a state of dying such as shock. Therefore, the ward care is complicated and difficult, and the requirements for standard ICU beds are also very strict. The main functional requirements are as follows:

  1. Multi-position adjustment adopts medical silent motor with safe, reliable and stable performance, overall lifting of the whole electric control bed, lifting and adjusting of the back plate and thigh board; adjustable to cardiopulmonary resuscitation position (CPR), heart chair position, "FOWLER "Position position, MAX check position, T-score/reverse T-score position, and the central control system can display the angle of the back plate, leg plate, Terry / anti-Tel, and rollover to meet clinical needs.

  2. Turning over the help Because the ICU ward center has many patients with deep consciousness disorder, can not turn over on their own, need nursing staff to often turn over, scrub, prevent hemorrhoids; without turning over the aid of a patient to turn over and scrub usually requires two or three people To assist in the completion, and the nursing staff is easy to hurt the waist, which brings great trouble and inconvenience to the work of the clinical nursing staff. The ICU bed in the modern standard can be easily turned sideways, through pedal or hand control, It is easy to help patients turn over.

  3. Convenient operation The ICU bed can control the movement of the bed in multiple directions. The guardrails on the sides of the bed, the footboard, the hand-held controller, and the foot control on both sides are all equipped with control functions, so that the nursing staff can follow the most convenient care. Sexually simple operation and control of the bed, in addition to a key reset and one-button position, off-bed alarm and other functions, used to supervise the movement of patients during the transitional rehabilitation period.

  4. Precise weighing function Critically ill patients in the ICU ward center need a large amount of fluid exchange every day. It is essential for intake and excretion. The traditional operation is to manually record the amount of fluid in and out, but it is also easy to ignore the secretion of sweat or the body fat. The rapid combustion consumption, when there is accurate weighing function, continuous weight monitoring of the patient, the doctor can conveniently adjust the treatment plan according to the difference between the two data, can improve the data management of the quality change in the patient treatment, currently The weighing accuracy of mainstream ICU beds has reached 10-20g.

  5. The back X-ray film requires the filming of critically ill patients to be completed in the ICU ward. The back panel is equipped with X-ray film slides. The X-ray machine can be used for near-body shooting without moving the patient.

  6. The flexible mobile and brake ICU ward center requires that the care bed be flexibly moved and secured with a fixed brake, which facilitates rescue and in-hospital transport, and uses centrally controlled brakes and medical universal wheels.


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