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Enjoy Parent-Child Time ,From The Medical Baby Cart

Dec 03, 2018

This product is novel in design, and it is made of healthy and environmentally friendly resin transparent material. It is sturdy and durable. The lifting is stable and safe. The tilting function can prevent vomiting after eating. The model is beautiful and generous, widely used, easy to implement, suitable for obstetrics and gynecology in the hospital. The child center and other places in the child center are in the same room, using the new image of the new service that reflects the hospital.

With the continuous advancement of medical reforms in these years, China's medical security system has made great progress, and the vast majority of children have been included in basic medical insurance.

Whether it is the United Kingdom, which is dominated by the national health insurance system, Japan, which is dominated by the social medical insurance system, or the United States, which is basically market-oriented, almost all have high levels of child health insurance. In comparison, the level of child health insurance in China is still not ideal.The current child health insurance system should indeed be adjusted.In addition to strengthening child health insurance, children with major diseases should be given a “bottom protection”.Incorporate the funds for the protection of children in distress into the budgets at all levels, and establish a joint rescue mechanism for children with major illnesses to protect those seriously ill children who need to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of treatments, and Will not fall into the predicament of no money and medical treatment because of the insufficient amount of medical insurance.The medical insurance system should first meet the needs of children to see a doctor, and on the basis of improving the basic medical service guarantee, further investment in the medical insurance for children with serious diseases, serious diseases and rare diseases. At the same time, relying on the government, with charitable organizations, set up a special major disease relief fund for children from poor families. Medical security is an important part of child welfare.

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