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Electric Homecare Bed Features

Aug 23, 2018

-The Electric Homecare Bed can help the patient to get up. Through the double-folded nylon stainless steel guardrail and the mobile table, the patient can get up between 0-75 degrees, keep the patient in a sitting position, and can finish reading, writing, eating and drinking alone. Life needs such as water.

-The Electric Homecare Bed can realize the lower leg according to the patient's needs, and can solve the difficulty of the patient washing the foot and soaking the foot in the bed. With the function of getting up, you can achieve a normal sitting posture, making the patient feel relaxed and comfortable.

-It can imitate the process and posture of a healthy person turning over. During the turning process, the patient's body center of gravity can be continuously adjusted and adjusted, which can improve the blood circulation of the long-term bedridden patient and the position of the back and buttock muscles, thereby making the patient's back hip muscles and The bones are fully rested to effectively prevent the occurrence of acne.

-The Electric Homecare Bed is also provided with a toilet seat device, which can use the toilet function like a healthy person after the patient gets up, which reduces various difficulties and inconveniences caused by the patient in the urine and urine, and also reduces the labor intensity of the nursing staff.

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