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Characteristics of hospital beds

Jul 28, 2017

Characteristics of hospital beds

The medical bed used in the hospital, in addition to some of the functions indicated, such as double shaker, three shaker, or multifunctional medical beds. Hospital with the bed also have the basic function.

First, the bedside tail plate to be able to quickly disassemble. This is to facilitate the doctors and nurses in an emergency situation can quickly check the bedside head to the patient to rescue. Second, the fence, medical medical bed requires the fence must be strong, but also to be able to pull or put down very simple.

Third, casters, especially those with serious illness in patients with special beds, with particular emphasis on the flexibility of the casters, because many critically ill patients in the event of an emergency can not move the body, is to push the whole bed to the rescue room and other places The And this time if the casters a problem is out of life. The above is the characteristics of medical medical beds.


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