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Basic Precautions To Prevent Bacterial Infection In Electric Medical Beds

Sep 28, 2018

-The disinfection lamp can be installed in the center of the room, which is convenient for disinfection and reduces the occurrence of bacteria.

-If it is in the summer, everyone needs to use air conditioning, but in order to avoid bacteria, the air conditioner used by each patient should be cleaned first to prevent some bacteria from breeding.

-In fact, the anti-bacterial family of the medical bed should pay attention to when going out, it is best to do a simple cleaning of the home service. The nursing bed is close to the elderly patients. Now the bacteria and dust are more outside, and the bacteria are most contaminated with clothes. At this time, there are a lot of patients who need to change their dirty clothes to lie on the nursing bed after going out.

-In addition, some UV disinfection lamps require the patient to leave during use, and in many cases may be inconvenient. Therefore, it is a simple introduction to a few small methods. The first is to clean and clean your room frequently, and the bed linen clothes should be changed frequently. Secondly, if you put a little vinegar in the room, you can dilute the harmful substances in the air. Thirdly, The quilts of the patients are often exposed to the sun and the plants of the air purification.