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Attendant Chair Technology Is Developing,How Can You Not Catch Up?

Mar 13, 2019

The shared attendant chair and the shared attendant bed are actually the same series. They are all shared terminal equipment projects for the rest of the hospital for the attendant staff. Using the Internet of Things technology, users only need to use the smart phone to scan the QR code on the device. Enter the smart escort chair application interface to complete the operation of the device.

Shared attendant beds are more suitable for new hospitals or large hospitals that are ready to upgrade and transform. Direct purchase of new equipment will provide convenience for patients and their families, which will lay a good foundation for the future development of the hospital.

The cost of sharing the attendant chair is relatively low, and the hospital can purchase it in bulk. At the same time, the reclining chair has a small footprint and is easy to move, which can meet the repeated use of multiple spaces.

Last year, China had 490 million passengers flying by air, with an average of 1,705 kilometers per flight. Only China's local airlines had 9.23 million aircraft taking off and landing. The high-speed rail also increased the number of nighttime operations with the upgrade of technology.

Sharing the attendant chair can seize this opportunity and put it in the railway station, high-speed rail station, airport and other areas to solve the passenger's rest at night.

The shared attendant chair needs power support, while the shared attendant chair does not need to be powered, and the location is smaller, the purchase is more cost-effective, and the timing and billing is more favorable. After the launch, it will be more people's choice.

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