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Advantages Of Electric Turning Bed

Sep 27, 2018

Advantages Of Electric Turning Bed:

-Practicality. There are electric and manual points for home turning beds, and manual turning beds are suitable for short-term care needs of patients.The electric turning bed is suitable for families with long-term bed rest and mobility problems. The electric turning bed can reduce the burden on the nursing staff and family members, and is conducive to the recovery of the patient's disease.

-Safety and stability. When purchasing a home turning bed, the user must ask the manufacturer to turn over the bed to present a registration certificate and production license for the product in the Food and Drug Administration to ensure the safety of medical care for turning over the bed.

-Economical. The electric turning bed is more practical than the manual turning bed, but the price is several times that of manually turning over the bed. This factor has to be considered when buying a home turning bed.

-The nursing bed with two shakes, two shakes, three folds and four folds is suitable for the health care of patients with long-term bed rest, and can meet the needs of special patients for sleep, study and entertainment.

-The household turning over bed with toilet, shampoo and diaper alarm, etc., is conducive to a patient's usual self-cleaning and toilet care.